Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows Miami FL

Whether you are looking to save energy costs, improve your home’s comfort or simply give it a facelift, vinyl replacement windows can offer all of these benefits.

Premium vinyl and ENERGY STAR optimized glass provide a higher level of insulation, helping to reduce your energy costs.

They also block harmful UV rays that can damage your interiors and cause fade on furniture, curtains and walls.


In theory, a good quality vinyl window should last forever. They are made from a durable plastic material, PVC, that is highly rated for hardness and durability. They can handle extreme temperatures without bending, warping, or softening. They are also resistant to moisture.

However, they will need to be properly installed and maintained if they are to last. They should be cleaned on a biannual basis following the manufacturer’s instructions and protected from harsh environments, UV rays, and debris.

If you want to choose a window with a long life expectancy, you should consider the different options available. The ideal window should match your home’s style, your budget, and your lifestyle needs. Aluminum windows, for example, have a lifespan that is almost neck and neck with vinyl, but they may not fit your aesthetic preferences. If you are looking for something affordable and energy efficient, vinyl windows are an excellent choice. They are also easy to clean and will not rust or corrode.

Energy efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency, vinyl windows are a great choice. They are designed to trap air within the frame, which helps reduce heat transfer and keep your home comfortable year-round. Plus, many come with features like argon gas fills and low-E glass that boost their energy-saving capabilities even further.

Another way that vinyl windows help conserve energy is by cutting down on outdoor noise. Properly installed windows that have a solid vinyl frame and double-pane construction can dramatically reduce the amount of ambient sound you hear from outside.

Unlike aluminum or wooden frames, vinyl windows are far more energy efficient than older windows. And, because they are made from recyclable materials, they have a positive impact on the environment. In addition, they are less prone to moisture buildup and don’t warp or swell as easily as their wooden counterparts. This makes them ideal for Miami’s humid climate. Plus, they are highly resistant to hurricane-force winds and other extreme weather conditions.

Low maintenance

Unlike wood and aluminum windows, vinyl doesn’t require painting or staining. Instead, they’re easy to clean with soap and water. They also don’t rust or corrode, so they can last longer.

Using harsh solvents on vinyl frames can damage them, causing discoloration and deterioration over time. Harsh cleaners may also void the manufacturer’s warranty. To avoid damaging your vinyl windows, always use a soft cloth and mild soap, and make sure to rinse away the soap residue.

JELD-WEN brickmould vinyl windows feature a traditional appearance, high energy efficiency and ease of maintenance in a wide range of sizes and configurations to complement your home. They also feature welded sashes and frames for strength, durability, and improved energy performance. Designed for the climate of Florida and the Gulf Coast*, they are available with a variety of glass options, including insulated laminated glass. Integrated storm protection provides extra security, while recessed latches help prevent debris from entering and lifting the window sash.


Besides being functional, vinyl windows have a nice aesthetic and are available in different colors, textures, and styles to complement any home. They are also weather resistant and don’t corrode, pit or swell. This makes them a good choice for humid and rainy climates like Florida.

In addition, these windows can be easily cleaned with a rag and some soapy water. They don’t need to be painted or restained every few years. This is a major advantage over other window types that can require re-painting or staining.

Another benefit of vinyl windows is that they are a great option for bay or bow windows. These windows create a spacious and welcoming entrance to your home while giving you panoramic views. They also have slim profiles and a modern aesthetic, making them suitable for contemporary homes. They are also moisture and salt air-resistant. This makes them a great choice for the Miami area. Additionally, they are a good insulator and will keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.