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To ensure a positive exterior remodeling experience for our customers, we only partner with qualified local contractors with replacement window and door installation expertise.

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EcoView’s high-quality, durable products are designed for long-term beauty and energy-efficiency that lasts – saving you money for many years to come.

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In addition to the vast product offerings and options available, you benefit from the expertise of our contractors for product selection and design support.

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About Window Installation Miami

At Window Installation Miami, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch window and door installation services to the Miami Fl community. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to offering a seamless and efficient experience for our customers. With an array of window and door options to choose from, we cater to a variety of styles and preferences, ensuring our clients get the best products for their homes. Our mission is to deliver exceptional service and customer satisfaction, as we understand the importance of a well-executed project.
As a locally owned and operated business, we know the Miami Fl area like the back of our hands, and we're proud to serve our community. Our commitment to quality work and integrity has allowed us to create lasting relationships with our customers, fostering a strong sense of trust and reliability. We believe in providing the best service possible to our clients, which is why we continually strive to exceed expectations.

Our Window Replacement & Installation Team

Our team of skilled window and door installers in Miami, Fl, is committed to providing excellent service and expert craftsmanship. Each member of our team is highly trained and experienced in window replacement, residential window installation, and door repair services. They take pride in their work and are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. Our team is the backbone of our company, and their commitment to delivering exceptional results is what sets us apart.

Serving Miami, FL, and the Surrounding Areas

At Window Installation Miami, we're proud to offer our services to a wide range of locations throughout the Miami, FL, area. We serve the following areas and neighborhoods:
  • Brickell
  • Coconut Grove
  • Coral Gables
  • Doral
  • Kendall
  • Pinecrest
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Pembroke Pines
  • Miramar
  • Hollywood

Our Windows & Doors Services in Miami, FL

At Window Installation Miami, our team of professionals offers a comprehensive range of services, including window replacement, window installation, door replacement, and door installation. We cater to various preferences and budgets, providing energy-efficient windows, custom designs, and visually appealing new doors. Our experienced team is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and a smooth, hassle-free experience throughout the process.

Miami Window Installation

Our residential and commercial window services in Miami Fl are designed to cater to a range of preferences and budgets. Whether you're looking for energy-efficient windows, custom designs, or a simple upgrade, our window installation services will ensure your home or office looks its best. Our experienced team will guide you through the entire process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Miami Window Replacement

Window replacement is an essential aspect of any property's improvement. Our team of window replacement professionals in Miami Fl is equipped to handle a variety of window styles, including energy-efficient windows, vinyl windows, and custom designs. We understand the importance of a well-functioning window, and we're dedicated to providing our clients with the best window replacement services available.

Miami Door Installation

Our door installation services in Miami Fl are designed to provide our clients with an array of options to choose from. From sliding doors to front doors, our team of experienced door installers will work with you to determine the best fit for your home. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality work, ensuring your door project, is executed flawlessly.

Miami Door Replacement

At Window Installation Miami, we also offer door replacement services. Our team of door replacement experts in Miami Fl can handle and replace both exterior doors and interior doors, ensuring your home's entrances are both functional and visually appealing. We offer a wide range of door options, from energy-efficient doors to custom designs, to cater to our client's needs.

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Our Ultimate Guide to Window Replacement Materials We Offer in Miami, Florida

When it comes to window replacement in Miami, Florida, material choice plays a pivotal role in both aesthetics and functionality. Given Miami’s hot and humid climate and the need for hurricane-resistant features, it’s crucial to select the right material. In this guide, we’re going to delve deep into the various materials available for window replacement in Miami, Florida.

Vinyl Windows: The All-Arounder

Vinyl windows are a popular choice for Miami window replacement projects. They offer great energy efficiency, thanks to their excellent insulation properties. Vinyl is low-maintenance and usually the most budget-friendly option available.

Wood Windows: Classic and Timeless

Wood windows add a classic touch to your Miami, Florida, home. While they offer good insulation and curb appeal, they require frequent maintenance to fight against the humid Miami climate and can be more expensive than other materials.

Aluminum Windows: Robust and Durable

Aluminum windows are perfect for Miami, Florida, as they are corrosion-resistant and meet high wind resistance standards set by Florida building codes. While not as energy-efficient as other materials, their strength and low maintenance make them a strong contender.

Fiberglass Windows: The Innovator

Fiberglass windows are a newer option that combines the best of both worlds: the strength of aluminum and the energy efficiency of wood or vinyl. They are also very low-maintenance and can withstand the harsh Miami climate.

Steel Windows: Modern and Minimalistic

Steel is a premium choice for modern or industrial designs. It is extremely strong and meets all Florida building codes for wind resistance. However, steel windows can be the least energy-efficient and the most expensive.

Composite Windows: Versatile and Sustainable

Composite windows combine different materials to provide a balanced profile. They can mimic the look of wood while offering the strength of aluminum. This makes them a versatile option for Miami, Florida, window replacement projects.

Clad-Wood and Clad-Aluminum Windows: The Best of Both Worlds

Clad windows offer a wood interior for aesthetic appeal and an aluminum or vinyl exterior for increased durability and low maintenance, ideal for the fluctuating weather conditions in Miami, Florida.

PVC Windows: Economical and Efficient

PVC windows are an economical option that provide reasonable insulation and durability. However, they may not meet the stringent wind resistance standards set by Miami, Florida, building codes.

Unveiling the Different Window Replacement Types We Offer for Miami, Florida Homes

If you’re delving into the world of window replacement in Miami, Florida, the sheer variety of window types may have you perplexed. Each window type has its own unique set of pros and cons, and knowing which one to choose for your Miami window replacement project can be a game-changer. So, let’s untangle the complexity.

Double-Hung Windows: The Classic Choice

Double-hung windows are like the "little black dress" of window types—timeless and versatile. These windows have two sashes that move up and down independently, offering excellent ventilation. Given Miami's hot, humid climate, they can be a great fit for window replacement in Miami, Florida, homes.

Casement Windows: The Wind Whisperers

Imagine catching every Miami breeze with ease. Casement windows, which swing outward on hinges, excel at this. A simple crank allows you to open these windows wide, capturing the fresh air Miami, Florida, is known for.

Sliding Windows: The Space Savers

If you're tight on space but don't want to compromise on aesthetics, sliding windows should be on your Miami window replacement shortlist. These windows slide horizontally, providing a modern look without taking up exterior space and aligning well with Miami's contemporary architectural styles.

Awning Windows: For the Rainy Days

Don't let Miami's sporadic rain showers put a damper on your day. Awning windows hinge at the top and open outward, so you can enjoy natural ventilation without worrying about water sneaking in. Perfect for the unpredictable weather in Miami, Florida.

Picture Windows: Room with a View

If you want to bring Miami's dazzling scenery into your living room, picture windows are your ticket. They're fixed, meaning they don't open, but they offer expansive views and tons of natural light, serving as the perfect centerpiece for any window replacement in Miami.

Bay and Bow Windows: The Room Expanders

Dream of a reading nook or a cozy breakfast corner? Consider bay or bow windows. These extend outward from the home, offering not only extra interior space but also varied angles for light to enter, elevating the aesthetic of any Miami, Florida, home.

Specialized Windows: Skylight, Garden, and More

Miami, Florida homes often feature unique architectural details, and window types like skylights and garden windows fit right in. Skylights can brighten up any room, while garden windows offer a mini-greenhouse effect, perfect for Miami's year-round warmth.

Discover Our the Best Window Styles for Window Replacement in Miami, Florida

In South Florida, where aesthetic appeal meets functionality, our team’s window installation services provide solutions tailored to every need. Offering a combined experience spanning many years, we’ve assisted countless clients in their quest for the perfect window replacement, ensuring a cost-effective and great experience.

Dive into Window Styles

When you're looking for the perfect window replacement in Miami, Florida, the array of styles available might be overwhelming. The right choice will not only enhance your home's aesthetics but also offer functional benefits suitable for Miami's climate. Our window installers often emphasize the importance of considering both aesthetic appeal and functionality. Having served residential and commercial properties alike, our team understands the uniqueness of each request.

Double Hung Windows

The Double Hung window is a traditional design characterized by two sashes sliding vertically. It's an ideal choice for those aiming for improved ventilation. Given Miami's hot and humid climate, this style allows a refreshing breeze to circulate in your living space. As a family business, we've seen the timeless beauty and efficiency of double pane windows. If you've got broken windows or need new installations, we're here to guide you through the entire process.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged at the sides and open outward. This design ensures excellent ventilation and an unobstructed view. Their tight seal makes them an energy-efficient option for Miami window replacement, which is crucial for the sweltering Florida summers. With popular services ranging from window repairs to full frame installation, our team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless transition. Whether it's a bedroom window or one for commercial properties, we deliver in a timely manner.

Sliding Windows

As the name suggests, these windows slide horizontally. They're known for their simple design and ease of use. If you have rooms with limited vertical space but a wider expanse, sliding windows are the perfect fit. If you're pondering between french doors or sliding windows, our window repair company in Miami is here to provide a free quote. With popular locations from Miami Lakes to Boynton Beach, our services in Miami, FL, are accessible and top-notch.

Awning Windows

Hinged at the top and opening outward, Awning windows are designed to let in the fresh air, even during a light Miami rain shower. Their design prevents water from seeping in, ensuring that you can enjoy the Florida breeze without any worries. The need for timely window repairs, especially for impact windows, can't be stressed enough in regions like ours. Rely on our team, boasting services like impact window installation and repair, to ensure your safety and comfort.

Top Energy-Efficient Window Replacement Brands We Offer for Miami, FL, Homes

So you’re looking into window replacement in Miami, Florida? One of the most crucial factors to consider is energy efficiency, especially given Miami’s hot, humid climate. In this segment, we’ll discuss top brands that are not only established but also specialize in energy-efficient windows suitable for Miami, Florida, homes.

Andersen Windows: The Green Seal

Andersen is one of the most respected names in the window industry. When it comes to energy efficiency, their products feature Low-E glass and are Energy Star Certified. They offer options like argon gas-filled panes, making them a go-to for window replacement in Miami, Florida.

Pella Windows: Customizable Efficiency

Pella allows you to customize windows according to your energy needs. From triple-pane glass to Low-E coatings, Pella's range of options makes them a strong contender for any Miami window replacement project.

Marvin Windows: Quality Meets Efficiency

Marvin's focus is on quality and energy efficiency. Their products feature Low-E glass and argon gas-filled panes. They offer windows with fiberglass exteriors, which is excellent for Miami's climate and complies with Florida building codes.

Jeld-Wen Windows: Affordability and Efficiency

If you're on a budget but still want energy-efficient windows, Jeld-Wen is your brand. They offer vinyl and aluminum windows that meet the High Wind Resistance standards of Miami, Florida, building codes, making them a reliable choice for window replacement in Miami.

Milgard Windows: The Innovator

Milgard is known for innovation. Their products often feature unique components like 'SmartTouch' locks and are made from materials like vinyl and fiberglass that offer excellent energy efficiency, perfect for the Miami, Florida lifestyle.

Simonton Windows: Proven Excellence

Simonton windows have won several awards for their quality and energy efficiency. They offer various styles, from double-hung to casement, that suit Miami's diverse architectural styles and are compliant with Florida building codes.

Miami-Dade Approved Brands

When considering window replacement in Miami, Florida, always look for products approved by Miami-Dade County that are tested for high wind resistance and impact from flying debris. Brands like PGT and CGI have ranges that meet these stringent requirements.

Why Choose Window Installation Miami?

Window Installation Miami is a locally owned and operated company with an experienced team offering a comprehensive range of services, including window and door installation and replacement. We pride ourselves on using high-quality products, ensuring customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, and providing free estimates. As a fully licensed and insured business, we prioritize the well-being of our customers and staff while delivering top service and exceptional results that cater to our client's unique needs and preferences.

Locally Owned & Operated Company

As a locally owned and operated business, we have a deep understanding of the Miami Fl area and its unique needs. This knowledge allows us to provide tailored solutions and personalized service to our clients, ensuring their satisfaction with our work.

Experienced Team

Our team of skilled professionals has extensive experience in window and door installation and replacement. Their expertise enables them to handle a wide range of projects, ensuring a smooth, professional, and efficient process for our clients.

Wide Range of Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including window replacement, window installation, door replacement, and door installation. This allows us to cater to various needs and preferences, providing our clients with full access to the best possible solutions.

High Quality Products

We use only the highest quality products and materials for our window and door installation and exterior part replacement projects. Our commitment to quality ensures that our clients receive durable and long-lasting, front-door solutions for their homes.

Customer Satisfaction

At Window Installation Miami, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and preferences, ensuring that we deliver exceptional results that exceed their expectations.

Competitive Prices

We understand that home improvement projects can be costly, which is why we offer competitive pricing for our services. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best value for their money while maintaining the highest standards of quality and service.

Free Estimates

We offer free, no-cost, no-obligation estimates for all our services, allowing our clients to make informed decisions about their home improvement projects. Our team will work with you to develop a customized plan that meets your needs and budget.

Licensed and Insured

Window Installation Miami is a fully licensed and insured company, providing our clients with peace of mind knowing that their projects are in the hands of professionals. Our team follows strict safety guidelines to ensure the well-being of our customers and staff.

Our Window Company Certifications: The Mark of Quality and Assurance in Miami, Florida

When you’re in the market for new windows in Miami, you may be wondering how to choose a window repair Miami company that’s reliable, especially for installing hurricane impact windows. Certifications are a robust indicator of quality, and they offer reassurance that the window installation companies you’re considering adhere to industry standards and best practices.

Energy Star Certified

Energy Star is a universally respected certification that guarantees your new windows are energy-efficient. These windows help you save money by reducing your energy bills. Energy Star certified products often feature low emissivity glass, which reflects heat and keeps your Miami home cool even in the sweltering heat.

National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) Certified

NFRC is an independent non-profit that provides unbiased performance ratings for windows and doors. Their certification often breaks down the typical cost benefits you can expect over the lifespan of your entire window. This certification often complements Energy Star labels, offering additional data like air leakage and sunlight transmittance.

American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) Certified

AAMA certification is another respected standard in the industry, especially for impact windows and doors. These certified products are rigorously tested to withstand various elements, including heavy winds and rain—a crucial feature for any Miami home vulnerable to hurricanes.

Miami-Dade County Approved

Being in a hurricane-prone area, Miami has its own set of building codes and requirements. Windows and doors that have Miami-Dade County approval meet high wind resistance and impact standards. This means that not only do these impact products keep you safe, but they also might qualify you for reduced insurance premiums.

Free Estimate & Custom Solutions

Always opt for window companies that offer a free estimate for your project. This helps you get a sense of the financial investment required. Some companies also provide custom window designs, allowing you to match the new windows and doors perfectly to your home's aesthetic.

Our Door Installation & Replacement Windows Process in Miami, FL

The process at Window Installation Miami involves a series of steps to ensure a seamless experience. We start with an in-depth consultation to understand your preferences and evaluate your property. After guiding you through the selection of suitable windows and doors based on various factors, we take accurate measurements to guarantee a perfect fit. Our team then preps the site by protecting surrounding areas and clearing any obstacles. Following the meticulous installation or replacement of windows and doors, we clean the workspace and perform a comprehensive inspection to confirm your satisfaction with the completed project.

Our process begins with an initial consultation, where we discuss your needs and preferences, assess your property, any concerns and provide recommendations for window and door solutions. This is where you, our valued Miami-Dade resident, can expect complete price transparency and valuable information to guide your decisions.

Based on the consultation, our team will help you select the best windows and doors for your remodeling project, considering factors such as energy efficiency, style, and budget. Whether you’re focused on residential windows or commercial windows, we offer a range of options that suits every style and price point.

Before beginning the installation, repair, or replacement process, our team will take precise measurements of your existing windows or doors to ensure a perfect fit. This is part of the comprehensive services offered to both our residential and commercial clients to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Our team will prepare the installation site by protecting surrounding areas, installing everything such as furniture and flooring, and removing any obstacles that could hinder the construction and installation process. Good customer service is our goal, so you can expect your place to be treated with utmost respect and care.

Our skilled professionals will carefully install or replace your windows and doors, ensuring a seamless fit and excellent functionality. We utilize up-to-date windows repair techniques for those in South Miami and beyond to guarantee the quality of our work.

Upon completion of the installation or replacement job process, expect our team will thoroughly clean the work area and perform a final inspection to ensure your complete satisfaction. Site visitors can trust that our commitment to quality will make your experience as effortless as possible.

Client Testimonials

"Window Installation Miami did an outstanding job replacing our windows. Their team was professional, efficient, and paid great attention to detail. Our energy bills have decreased since the installation, and our home looks fantastic. I highly recommend their services!"
Dale J.
Coral Gables
"I had a wonderful experience with Window Installation Miami. They installed new sliding doors in our home, and the results are amazing. The team was friendly, punctual, and kept us informed throughout the process. We couldn't be happier with the outcome!"
Maria S.
Coconut Grove
"We recently had Window Installation Miami replace our old windows with energy-efficient ones. The difference in our home's comfort and appearance is incredible. The team was knowledgeable, professional, and completed the job on time. Highly recommended!"
Sarah T.
"Window Installation Miami installed a beautiful new front door for our home. The team was very helpful in guiding us through the selection process, and the installation was completed flawlessly. We've received numerous compliments on our new door. Thank you, Window Installation Miami!"
Mark P.
Miami Beach

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Window Replacement & Door Installation

Here are the most frequent questions about window replacement and door installation and we have answered them for you!

The time it takes to replace windows or install new doors varies depending on the size and complexity of the project. On average, window replacement can take between 1-3 days, while door installation may take anywhere from a few hours to a full day. Our team will provide an estimated timeline during the initial consultation to help you plan accordingly.

Window replacement involves removing existing windows and replacing them with new ones, often to improve energy efficiency, functionality, or aesthetics. Window installation typically refers to the process of installing windows in a new construction or as part of a home addition.

During the initial consultation, our team will discuss your needs and preferences, assess your property, and provide recommendations for window and door solutions. Factors such as energy efficiency, style, and budget will be considered to help you make the best decision for your home.

Installing energy-efficient windows and doors can significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency, resulting in lower energy bills and increased comfort. Our team can guide you through selecting energy-efficient options that suit your needs and preferences.

Yes, we can handle custom-sized window and door installations or replacements. Our team will take precise measurements of your existing windows or doors to ensure a perfect fit and will work with you to find the best solution for your specific needs.

Yes, we stand behind the quality of our work and offer warranties on both our products and installation services. We will provide more details about the warranties during the initial consultation or upon request.

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