Custom Windows Miami FL

Custom windows Miami FL offer a range of benefits, including reduced energy costs and improved home security. They also reduce noise and enhance your property’s style. Additionally, they can help you lower your insurance premiums.

Located in Miami, Florida, Ocean Impact Windows and Doors specializes in the installation of hurricane-proof and impact windows. Its windows have passed missile tests and are designed for the Florida climate.

Best Home Protection Windows & Doors

Hurricane-resistant windows protect homes from severe storms and tropical-storm winds. They also reduce energy costs and shield furniture and floors from UV rays. They can even help homeowners save money on insurance premiums.

South Florida’s unique geographical setting puts it in constant danger of catastrophic storm surges and high winds. The region’s homes are susceptible to damage from sudden changes in air pressure, which can cause walls to collapse and roofs to blow off. High-impact windows are the best solution for this risk.

PGT’s WinGuard and ClassicVue lines meet Miami-Dade building codes, which are among the strictest in the country. These windows can be installed in new construction or old homes, and they’re designed to last for years.

Alco Windows and Doors

Alco Windows and Doors is a Miami-based company that provides sales, service, and installation of impact windows and doors. The locally owned and operated business is committed to enriching the community.

Its installers have the experience and knowledge to help homeowners choose the right product for their homes. They install vinyl, wood, and aluminum windows. They also offer patio, storm, and sliding glass doors.

Having impact windows and doors in your home is one of the smartest investments you can make as a homeowner. They reduce energy costs, resist high winds and harsh weather conditions, and deter break-ins. They can also save you money on insurance.

Ocean Impact Windows & Doors

Ocean Impact Windows & Doors offers a variety of window and door installation services for residential homes. They specialize in installing impact-resistant windows, which help to lower energy bills and reduce insurance premiums. The company also provides repair and replacement services for commercial windows.

Choosing the right contractor is essential when you invest in impact-resistant windows. Look for a contractor with experience and a good reputation in the area. Ensure that the company’s replacement windows meet local building codes and are rated by an independent third party for performance grade and design pressure. In addition, a follow-up walkthrough can identify any damage and make sure the job is completed to exact specifications.

R&S Companies

Located in South Florida, R&S Companies is a third-generation company focused on providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Their team of experts is experienced in handling challenging projects and navigating the Coral Gables permitting process. They offer competitive pricing and immaculate work.

South Florida homes require specialized protection against hurricanes and tropical storms. The area’s unique geographical location combines warm ocean waters with atmospheric conditions that contribute to severe weather conditions. High winds can easily shatter unprotected windows and cause property damage.

High-impact windows also reduce energy costs and protect against damaging UV rays. They can also help to lower homeowners’ insurance premiums.

American Glass and Window

This Miami-based company installs impact windows and doors that are designed to withstand hurricanes. They feature aluminum framing and a PVB interlayer secured in between two glass layers that protect homes from break-ins, fast-flying debris, and tropical winds. The company offers a range of window styles and brands, including TM Windows, Lawson, PGT, and YKK AP.

This Florida-based company serves residential and commercial clients. It installs impact windows and garage doors and also offers maintenance services. Its team works in a detail-oriented manner and values workmanship. It also provides energy-efficient upgrades to its clients. Its products are Ygrene-certified. Its services are available in English and Spanish.

Best Windows Inc.

The company specializes in working with specialty windows and doors. Its team is detail-oriented and values workmanship. It also carries a variety of brands and products. It offers caulking, awning window operators, and shutters.

This company has a variety of window types that are energy-efficient and hurricane proof. They have been tested to ensure they meet Miami-Dade’s high wind resistance standards and can withstand debris impacts. They are also approved by insurance companies to help lower homeowners’ premiums. They also come with Low-E glass coatings and argon gas fills. This helps to reduce heat loss, lowering your home’s energy bills. They also block harmful UV rays and protect your furniture from fading.