Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal With Durable Entry Doors

When you choose to update your home’s front door, you can expect to improve your curb appeal and increase the value of your property. However, you also need to consider your doors’ durability and performance.

In Florida, homes must comply with strict hurricane building codes. This means that all exterior doors must open outward and meet Miami-Dade NOA hurricane certification regulations.


When living in hurricane-prone South Florida, your doors need to be more than just a pretty face. They need to be able to keep out powerful winds, rapid pressure changes, and flying debris from hurricanes and tropical storms. Luckily, impact doors (also known as hurricane doors) offer state-of-the-art protection against these destructive weather phenomena.

Our opaque impact doors feature a patent-pending steel plate inside and are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds. They also meet Florida code and High Velocity Hurricane Zone requirements.

Our wood exterior front doors are crafted from mahogany and teak to provide both ornate beauty and durability. Available in a wide variety of finishes and colors, they can be painted to match your home’s décor. Or, if you prefer a more traditional look, our Fiber-Classic collection offers all the strength of Therma Tru’s original impact door with the authentic look of finely crafted hardwood doors. These doors can also be custom sized to fit your home’s unique opening.

Energy Efficiency

The front door is an entryway to a family’s home, welcoming friends and visitors and protecting against harsh weather conditions. It’s also the first line of defense against break-ins and storm damage.

Energy-efficient doors have advanced insulation and thermal barriers to keep your living spaces comfortable without excessively heating or cooling your home. This reduces energy consumption, helping to cut utility bills and even lowering your insurance premiums.

With their impact-rated glass assembled directly into the frame, these doors are built to resist the high levels of wind-borne debris that Miami is known for. In addition, their Plastpro PF frames are made from a poly-fiber doorjamb that does not absorb or wick moisture, preventing warping, rotting and splitting. Their impact-rated doors have passed a rigorous battery of tests, both in their own lab and by an independent testing facility to meet Florida’s strict building standards. The result is a beautiful door that stands the test of time while keeping your home safe.


When it comes to securing your home, you cannot skimp on the front door. Whether welcoming your family back after a day away or protecting your Miami home from hurricanes, you need doors that are sturdy and durable. That’s why SIW offers entry doors in Miami FL and all of South Florida that are strong enough to withstand repeated smashing, banging, and pushing.

With stylish designs, dependable impact performance, and affordable prices, our wrought iron front doors are an excellent choice for homeowners in Miami, Florida. Keep unwanted visitors out and the elements in by selecting a custom iron front door from one of our reliable contractors. Contact us today to request your free estimate. We offer a wide selection of doors that are guaranteed to suit any taste and style. You can even add decorative door lites for additional security and elegance. Our PF (poly-fiber) frame systems prevent warping and rotting to give you peace of mind that your door will stand the test of time.

Curb Appeal

In Miami, FL, the doors of a house are often the first thing guests notice. That is why you need to make sure that your entry door offers the best curb appeal possible. A new front door can instantly improve your home’s appearance, boosting its value and making it more appealing to potential buyers.

With a range of styles and finishes, our fiberglass and steel entry doors can match almost any type of architectural design. You can also choose between decorative glass inserts and hurricane impact options to find the perfect door for your needs.

When you invest in a quality entry door, you can enjoy the beauty of your home and feel confident that it’s protected against burglars. You can also boost your home’s value and increase its energy efficiency. If you’re ready to make a statement with your entryway, contact us today to see our collection of beautiful doors. We offer both residential and commercial service throughout the Miami area.