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Custom windows Miami FL

Many South Florida homes feature large expanses of windows and doors to maximize natural light and stunning views. However, these windows are vulnerable during severe weather conditions and can shatter if not properly protected.

Window installation experts can help you pick the right impact-resistant windows for your home. They can also help you choose the best window frame and glass to increase your home’s value, safety and energy efficiency.

Frame Material

The frame material used in impact windows and doors is a major factor that can influence the average cost. There are several different options available, including aluminum and vinyl. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

PGT Windows and Doors offers a full line of impact windows and doors that comply with Miami-Dade’s stringent building codes. These hurricane proof products provide homeowners with peace of mind during the storm season and can even reduce their energy costs.

These windows and doors are made with anodized aluminum frames to prevent corrosion. They are also finished with premium paint that is controlled using state-of-the-art application for better durability. They have cam locks on hinged doors and easier to use clip locks on sliding windows. The cladding is made with AuraLast pine to protect against harsh weather conditions and wood rot. These features make the W-2500(tm) wood and clad-wood window perfect for any architectural style. It also comes in a variety of color choices for both interior and exterior cladding.


Windows used in South Miami must withstand the heat and humidity of the area’s climate, while also resisting the impact of hurricane-force winds and debris thrown by those winds. These factors can make it difficult to find a window material that will be both durable and energy efficient.

Fortunately, there are several options to choose from when it comes to home window replacement. You can opt for a full-frame installation where the frame is replaced, or pocket installations that allow you to replace a single window without replacing the entire existing frame.

Additionally, the type of glass chosen will play a role in the overall cost of your project. Adding features like low-E coatings or spectrally selective glass to your windows can help improve efficiency, as well as reduce UV radiation. Window installation companies can assist you with finding the best type of glass for your needs and budget.

Locking System

The expansive glass windows and doors that characterize many South Florida homes maximize natural light and create stunning views, but they can also leave the home vulnerable to high winds during hurricanes. These forceful wind conditions may shatter unprotected windows, causing property damage and placing occupants at risk.

The reinforced construction of impact-resistant windows offers protection against more than just wind. They also offer improved security against intruders and can block harmful UV rays, which penetrate regular residential glass. Some insurance companies may offer discounts or credits to homeowners who install impact-resistant windows.

Our Impact window products feature a noninvasive, 3-point locking system that provides superior strength and security. In addition to a locking mode, they also allow for a clever tilt open function which allows the occupants to ventilate the house while still being safe from intruders and allowing them to use a security sensor that will only sound an alarm when in the tilt-open position.


PGT Windows is a company that is well known for their impact hurricane protection windows. They have a wide selection of windows that meet Miami-Dade County code requirements, as well as certifications that can help homeowners get deductions on their home insurance premiums.

They also offer an extensive warranty on their products. Depending on the window you choose, you can get up to a lifetime warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty on stress cracks. The company has a variety of window styles, including vinyl and aluminum windows.

Pricing can vary based on the type of window you choose and installation costs. You should consult with a PGT representative to get an accurate quote for your project. The company’s WinGuard aluminum windows are a great choice for homeowners looking for durability and style. These impact resistant windows have been installed over 4 million times with no issues. The company’s ClassicVue and EnergyVue windows are available in a range of price points to meet homeowner needs.