Front Entry Doors Miami FL Offer a Range of Customization Options

Designed to resist the harsh Florida weather, Front entry doors Miami FL offer a range of customization options. You can choose the color that best suits your home’s architecture or a design that accentuates the features of your property.

South Florida’s hurricane-prone areas have stringent building codes. You should install impact-rated entrance doors for your home to keep your family safe.


When it comes to protecting your home during hurricane season, nothing beats impact doors. These doors are designed to resist the high-velocity winds and flying debris that can wreak havoc in Southeast Florida. They feature resilient polyvinyl butyral that’s wedged between two thick pieces of glass. They look similar to traditional doors and come in a variety of styles.

Unlike standard doors, they won’t crack, splinter or rot in the Florida climate. They’re a smart choice not only for severe weather protection but also as a deterrent against break-ins. They’re also energy efficient and help you cut down on your cooling costs. They can even save you money on insurance rates. Our line of impact doors includes a wide array of decorative options like leaded or wrought iron designs.

Outward Facing

With Florida being a hurricane-prone state, safety standards require that all doors open outward. This prevents projectiles and forceful winds from crashing against the door and entering a home, which would cause considerable damage to the property.

In addition to protecting your home from hurricane-related damages, outward-facing front doors also allow you and your family to exit the house more quickly in case of an emergency. They are also more attractive than traditional doors that swing inward.

You can choose from a variety of styles of outward-facing front doors, such as double or single doors, with sidelights and transoms. These doors come in a range of material options, such as fiberglass, wood, or steel, and can be designed with any number of glass features to suit your home’s décor.


Get the look of wood without the maintenance with a flush-glazed fiberglass door from Therma-Tru. Their Smooth-Star and Fiber-Classic doors feature durable compression-molded fiberglass, that resists the dents and dings of daily life as well as weather-related damage like windborne debris and rain.

Glass is built directly into the slab during manufacturing for a seamless appearance. This allows you to customize your look with low-emissivity glass, a grid between the glass configuration, or cordless miniblins. ADA-compliant flush glazed doors are available as well.

Their insulated poly-fiber doorframe system provides enhanced moisture protection to prevent warping and rotting, which is especially important in Florida’s tropical climate. These doors also pass a rigorous battery of third party impact tests to help keep your family safe from intruders and wind-borne debris.


Solid wood front doors offer an upscale look for homes. These doors are durable and resist Florida’s humid climate. They can also be painted your color choice to complement the style of your home. Borano offers exterior doors crafted from mahogany and teak, which offer sophistication for your home.

The beauty of wood is complemented by a variety of decorative door lites and custom glass options. Energy-efficient doors help you save money and increase your home’s resale value.

Hurricane-rated entrance doors comply with Florida’s stringent building codes for homes in high-velocity hurricane zones (HVHZ). These doors are made with materials that have passed a battery of tests including the small-missile resistance test, which simulates debris impacting the door. They can also withstand 9,000 cycles of wind loads to withstand hurricane-force winds.


Therma-Tru’s Smooth-Star, Classic-Craft and Fiber-Classic entry doors are rated for use in high-velocity hurricane zones. They are moderately priced, dent resistant and hold up well against South Florida’s hot summer rain and sun.

These front doors are made of rugged compression-molded fiberglass with deep detailed panels. They resist dents and dings better than wood doors and will not warp or rust.

They are also impact rated to meet South Florida’s stringent building codes for insurance discounts on home protection. The door’s one-piece polystyrene core provides insulation, which helps reduce home energy costs. They are available with decorative or privacy door lites and pre-hung in Therma-Tru’s PF (Poly-Fiber) frame system. This eliminates the need for traditional wood jambs, which can rot and crack over time.